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Frequently Asked Questions
What is meant by coverage gaps?
Often times, general liability coverage has standard exclusions which exclude coverage for driving cars from the pickup point to the parking lot. This could result in not having coverage for your most potentially serious risk.

Are all insurance programs the same?
There are a number of different carriers offering insurance products for the valet parking industry. Their programs contain a number of variables which can be tailored to meet a client's particular needs. Coverage limits can be determined by the total amount of exposure for all claims, limited to a total per location amount, or even limited to an amount per vehicle. Also, the client has the ability to determine the amount of deductible or self-insurance that he wishes. All of these factors have a bearing on the insurance costs and can be tailored to meet the client's individual needs.

Is there anything else I can do to reduce my cost?
It is important that the insurance company be aware of the nature of the risks involved in insuring your company. Do you have a training manual in place? Is there a safety manual? How thorough is your employment screening process? Do you have recent MVRs? Does your company do drug testing? Do you have copies of recent loss runs?

A Valet Insurance Professional can help you with these and other questions to help you obtain the best possible coverage for the best possible price..